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Puente Alto Chile 2014

In Febuary 2014 i had the most amazing experience in Puente Alto, Santiago, Chile. 60 artists from around the world plus our artist friends from Chile created an amazing mosaic.

This was the invitation we all got.

We worked hard in the heat, but we all did it with so much passion and love.

We made lots of new friends.

It was amazing to see what Isidora created with the chilean Team in the City.

The final evening we were all exausted but extremely happy to be part of this life changing experience.

I even got a lot of nice recognition in the local press.

My finished work. My first time working with tiles...until my hands bled :)

All i can say is that i am thankful for having been a part of this adventure , thank you Isidora for putting your trust in me. Thank you Chile for beeing such a wonderful host country. Thank you for all the artists that so generously helped me.

It was an experience i will never forget. We put our footprints on the other side of the world with love and passion. That´s what art is

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