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Since i was a child  I obsessed with colours. I took private painting classes from the age 13 and just could not live without it. When i got my kids, I stayed at home and painting just was not enough anymore. I started my first mosaic project when my daughter was just 6 month and my son 2 years. It was a table that is still the center of my dining room in the size of 1m x 2, was a monster.  I began to mosaic everything aound and enjoyed it so much. Time went by and my kids grew older. I started to work more professional and took a lot of courses with international masters.  I love my artistic journey and all the friends i made all over the world. It gave me the possibility to exhibit my art and meet lots of wonderful people.

I teach mosaic and organize courses for Masters from different countries in my studio. Since my kids moved out i have guestrooms for my students and teachers. 

Art opened the door to the world to me.

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